Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nilla Wafer S'mores

These were fun and dangerous! There could be an easier way with less steps or easier ingredients...but...I made it up as I went along. And I don't have measurements. Just what looked good. Okay, here we go.
Nilla Wafers
Almond Bark Chocolate
Peanut Butter
I melted the marshmallows with a double boiler and added a little scoop of butter as they melted along.
While that is going, mix the honey and the peanut butter together in any amount you want. I like mine a little more honey than peanut butter but still peanut butter sticky.
Then, I melted the almond bark chocolate (1 square) in the microwave 10 -12 seconds at a time so the chocolate wouldn't burn. Stirring in-between each set tell it is all melted.
I dipped a Nilla Wafer in the chocolate and put it aside on a plate to harden. That is the top one. On the 2nd wafer, I put a small dab of peanut butter mix.
By this time the marshmallows have melted. VERY CAREFULLY spoon the melted marshmallow on the peanut butter half of the wafer. This burns worse than a hot glue gun if you get it on your fingers!
Put the chocolate dipped wafer on top. You can set it out to finish cooling or put them in the frig for a few minutes.
Make as many as you want!  Eat as many as you want!
*after thought. How about a sliced fruit in the middle too? Strawberry or banana?

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